Lets say


Science is:-

Sentience attending to the physical world -  Matter, Energy and Physical Constraints. Going from presumption towards models that resonate with reality.


It attends with the intention of perceiving and recording underlying universal form.

We we can make statements like 

'The proton is a baryon composed of two up quarks and one down quark with a half-life of greater than  10^34 years.

That is 17 orders of magnitude  greater than the age of the known universe.   -Maybe Protons live longer that the Gods



Religion is:-

Investing the universe with the qualities of Sentience in order to give a world view which gives our lives meaning. 

Through imagination and received wisdom we create a world for our minds to live in. 

We have very strong habits around accepting the believes and world view of our culture.

We create  a scope beyond our direct experience which is consistent with the views of our peer group

We create our Gods ad deities to be recognisable by our peers, as they do. 

Religion is a set of world views of a peer group with a high about of commonality resonance.