On inside and outside awareness.  Naming and forming in meditation.


A few weeks ago I was having a chat with Vajradaka and he just mentioned 'inside' and 'outside' awareness and how he explicitly talks about 'outside' awareness in his teaching.  


This intrigued me and since then I have found myself just saying 'outside awareness'.

As if by magic, the whole perspective changes from inner awareness to outer awareness.

From inner awareness  - of body up to ideas - and projections arising when outside is perceived in this context , to an outer awareness.

Where outside is included in the 'field' of awareness; and the buildings , walls colours , sounds and people are perceived with little projection, just letting them in with very little projection arising.

 Its  interesting and exciting , I suppose in the sort of way a three year old might see the world. I like it.

I find I like it enough to be developing a habit of 'switching' from 'this' to 'that' and then even this and that.