Name and Form


So sentient beings, That's us, we name forms. Ever since we were able we have been naming.  We see a form we want a name for it. We want the received name for it from our guardian. And we want a description of it to  receive the form of it too.  So we recognise it as the same as perceived by others. We look for and are normally happy enough with the accepted name and description.  That's our received wisdom.

'Paddington Bear' Now there is a name.  What arises in the 'name space' (a software term) when we hear  'Paddington bear'.  A personality. Paddington station. Being lost..... A lot that is agreed on.  If were not given the received form 'wisdom' for a name if we are imaginative , we make it up. 

 With Name and Form we can explore everything , well everything cognisable. 


This is something that was not obvious to me. This fundamental nature of the human mind naming and decribing-forming.