The words Name and Form.

Do they exist outside the realms of consciousness?

What do these words say about human consciousness?

Is there anything outside their realm

How we relate to these two great pillars of existence that define how we proceed as beings. from moment to moment on whatever path we tread.

Name and Form. They have a place on that great symbol of existence, the Tibetan Wheel of Life as the third link. From consciousness arises name and form - the terrible twins. . 

How does it go on the wheel. 

Well , the first link, Ignorance    - In Scottish vernacular - fecklessness. - Not being aware of the consequences of actions,  unbridled action arises giving rise karmic consequences and consciousness- name form, sensebases, contact,, feeling,craving.

Oh lets stop there. Lets stay with the seventh link          -Feeling and Craving-     How do these relate to Name and Form-

Well for now    - Feelings give rise to habitual Craving

So lets look more closely at.   Fecklessness oh ignorance.  Name and form mm lets say presumed form. (does that make sense.) gives rise to feeling and craving. 

Lets re-jig this.     Ignorance-Fecklessness-Robotic habitual response-actions activates a conscious or subconscious response in the form of senses and feeling,   

Well that's enough. Think about              'name'               and              'presumed form'  rather than any real form.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.